Applied art exhibition in the State Russian Museum

It’s always nice to have little surprises. I was pleasantly surprised this week when visited the Russian Museum in St.Petersburg. I’ve been there for so many times that I thought I could walk through the rooms with my eyes shut. But unexpectedly I came across a new exhibition – devoted to the applied art fromContinue reading “Applied art exhibition in the State Russian Museum”

St.Petersburg Kunstkammer

This week I started by visiting Kunstkammer aka Peter the Great’s Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography. It’s been 15 years since I have been there and needed to refresh my memory. My impressions after the visit are still mixed. On one hand, the collection is quite diverse and covers nations far away from Russian (nearerContinue reading “St.Petersburg Kunstkammer”

St.Petersburg Russian Museum Exhibitions: unorthodox icons, Makovsky artists and neoclassism

I have just got back from the exhibitions in the State Russian Museum. The museum itself houses an excellent collection of the Russian fine arts starting from icons and going up to the painting of the first part of the 20th century. The current exhibitions are devoted to the works of the artists Makovsky, unorthodoxContinue reading “St.Petersburg Russian Museum Exhibitions: unorthodox icons, Makovsky artists and neoclassism”

St.Petersburg Hermitage Treasure Gallery

Unexpectedly for myself, I visited today the  Gold Treasure Gallery of the State Hermitage. Although I have been living in St.Petersburg all my life and visited teh Hermitage numerous times, it was my first time to the gallery. The regular daily excursions are in Russian but you can book the excursion in advance and haveContinue reading “St.Petersburg Hermitage Treasure Gallery”