Visiting Helsinki Zoo in winter

We visited Helsinki Zoo, situated on Korkesaari island, in late October this year. A visit to the Zoo is a nice stroll around the island for a couple of hours. It is smaller than I expected but animals are always funny and there is a good variety of cat family species. There is small restaurantContinue reading “Visiting Helsinki Zoo in winter”

National Museum of Finland, Helsinki

I have been to Helsinki a lot of times but this time there was one addition to my travel necessaries – my 7 months old daughter. Therefore I could not roam around the autumn city all day long since my baby needed being fed from time to time. I also could not stay in EkbergContinue reading “National Museum of Finland, Helsinki”

Kynsilaukka restaurant in Helsinki

We happened to find a nice restaurant in Helsinki – Kynsilaukka. We stumbled upon it during lunch time, but I believe that if lunch food was very good, then a la carte should good as well. Kynsilaukka is translated from Finnish as “garlic” . Hence the whole culinary idea of the restaurant – to add garlicContinue reading “Kynsilaukka restaurant in Helsinki”

Ateneum and Kiasma in Helsinki

I have recently visited two major art museums in Finland – namely, Ateneum and Kiasma. Ateneum is more of the national gallery of Finland with the art of Finnish painters from mid 19th to mid 20th centuries whereas Kiasma is the museum of contemporary art. I have to confess that I like the traditional, oldContinue reading “Ateneum and Kiasma in Helsinki”

Sinebrychoff Art Museum in Helsinki

On the last day of the year 2008 I happened to visit Sinebrychoff Art Museum in Helsinki. Although the museum is quite small – the whole collection is housed on the first floor of the building – for me it seemed the best art museum in Helsinki (keep in mind that I visited Ateneum andContinue reading “Sinebrychoff Art Museum in Helsinki”

Aino Restaurant in Helsinki

We visited Helsinki for New Year Eve this year and wanted to spend the last 2008 year evening in the restaurant with Finnish cuisine. After thorough search in the web and particularly on (comprehensive list of almost all Helsinki food joints), we chose Ravintola Aino due to three reasons. Aino is located on PohjoisesplanadiContinue reading “Aino Restaurant in Helsinki”