Visiting Helsinki Zoo in winter

We visited Helsinki Zoo, situated on Korkesaari island, in late October this year. A visit to the Zoo is a nice stroll around the island for a couple of hours. It is smaller than I expected but animals are always funny and there is a good variety of cat family species.

There is small restaurant in Finnish-style house called “Goats” (Pukki) where you can have a bite of cookies and drink a cup of strong Finnish coffee. We were with the baby, so it was good to have a warm place to change her nappies and let her sit in the baby chair in the café. The rest of refreshments kiosks and cafes are closed in winter.

The only annoying thing in winter time is the fact that you have to walk around 500 m from the parking lot to the ticket office and then, across the channel, via bridge. With winds and rain and snow, you are about to lose the desire to visit Korkesaari cats. But in summer time, there is boat sailing from Market square to the zoo so you can avoid the long walk.

Another personal thing, which made us run away from lions’ cage was the slaughtered deer, fed to lions. We still do not understand why zookeepers have to give the whole body, not just meat, to these wild cats. Frankly speaking, the sight was disgusting.

Overall impression, however, was positive and the best thing about Helsinki zoo is that it is open every day even when museums (Mondays) and shops (Sundays) are closed.

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