St.Petersburg Hermitage Treasure Gallery

Unexpectedly for myself, I visited today the  Gold Treasure Gallery of the State Hermitage. Although I have been living in St.Petersburg all my life and visited teh Hermitage numerous times, it was my first time to the gallery.

The regular daily excursions are in Russian but you can book the excursion in advance and have it in alsmost any language.

I was lucky today to be the only one at the excursion. Probably it is due to the end of endless New Year/Christmas holidays in Russian.  Seemed like everyone thought finally of visiting their offices, not museums.

Anyway, there are two treasure galleries in the Hermitage. One is Gold Treasure Gallery (or Gold Rooms) which contains the gold from Scythian trives, Sarmates, Greeks from the Crimea as well as the gifts to the Russian Emperor family from Iran, India, Uzbekistan and China. There is also a small display of objects brought from precolumbian American lands.

The second treasure gallery called Diamond Rooms houses the objects from gold and precios stones from Western Europe and is also worth a visit.

Today I was in the Gold Rooms and was amazed to see such exquisite works of art by Greeks, such sophisticated jewelry by Scythians and such abundance of precios stones in the works of Iran and Indian masters.

For all, who has already visited the Hermitage once, I suggest visiting the Gold Rooms next time you’re in St.Petersburg.

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